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Weld Penetration Inspection System (WeldEYE)

Weld Penetration Inspection System (WeldEYE)
We offers you the most advanced system for Weld Penetration Inspection - WeldEYE® from its stable. This system is the result of our decade long experience in Weld quality inspection, and the features this system offers are unmatched anywhere. This system can be used to measure all dimensional measurements (2D) like length, distance between, angle, radius, diameter, area etc. The system even offers you automatic/programmable measurement, and is fully customizable where you can define your own parameters to be measured.

Some of the salient features of the system are:

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Welding Penetration Inspection System

Welding Penetration Inspection System
The welding penetration inspection system offered by us is a powerful tool for the inspection of most critical ft welding measurements.

Some of the salient features of the system are:

  • Image capture directly from the application
  • Menu driven measuring- ensures accuracy & repeatability
  • Easy to use and user friendly interface for analysis
  • Can draw and measure line, circle, angle, arc and curve. can also extend lines.
  • Can create templates for each type of job
  • Supports part programming
  • Stitching of multiple images
  • Reporting in Excel, Open Office & PDF

Measurement Includes:
  • Point to point, linear measurement
  • Radius and diameter ellipse or rectangle
  • Area and perimeter for ellipse
  • Length of segmented lines
  • Angle measurement
  • Arc/Ellipse/Circle measurements including definition of center point etc.
  • Automatic detection of intersections
  • Always finds the shortest distance

  • MIAS Trinocular Stereo Microscope
  • Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope on large stage equipped with transmitted light, Incident light.
  • Magnification : 6.2 to 50X (field of view: 34mm – 2.1mm)
  • Zoom Range : 0.62 - 5X
  • Eyepiece : Wide field 10x (WFH10X)
  • Working Distance : 80mm (With 1x Objective)
  • Inter pupillary Distance : 52mm to 75mm (50mm to 75mm)
  • Stand Type:Fan style base & track stand with HF width coarse and fine focusing hand Wheel
  • Incident Light: 6V / 15W Halogen
  • Imaging System For Welding Penetration Studies Version 5.1

The system consists of : -
  • 3 Mega pixel USB Camera Model HCV 300

Camera specification:
  • Resolution : 1280x1024 (sxga)
    Color Format : Color
    Chip Size : ½ inch
    Lens mount : C mount

Weldcheck Software:
Measurement :
  • Calibration.
    Leg 1 and Leg 2 measurements , throat measurement and Penetration measurement, using various tools.
    Area of the penetration in terms of percentage

HAZ Reporting:
  • Excel
    Open Office

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